Blue-Action: Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate is a Research and Innovation action (RIA)

  • Start date: 1 December 2016
  • End date: 28 February 2021
  • Duration: 51 months
  • Total EC contribution: 7.5 million Euro
  • Total costs: 8.2 million Euro

Why Blue-Action?

Faced with a changing climate, businesses, policy makers, and local communities need to access reliable weather and climate information to safeguard human health, wellbeing, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

In response, Blue-Action aims to:

·         improve our understanding of the impact of a changing Arctic on Northern Hemisphere weather and climate;

·         improve the safety & wellbeing of people in the Arctic and across the Northern Hemisphere;

·         reduce the risks associated with Arctic operations and resource exploitation; and,

·         support evidence-based decision-making by policymakers worldwide.

What Blue-Action plans to do:

·         Develop new methods to characterise climate conditions where hazardous weather system forms across the Northern Hemisphere and establish their link to Arctic climate change.

·         Deliver an improved representation of Arctic warming and its impact on atmosphere and ocean circulation.

·         Enable robust and reliable forecasting to deliver better predictions at sub-seasonal to decadal scales.

·         Embed scientific developments and improved model capability within international programmes through organisations including Copernicus C3S, WCRP, IPCC (AR6), JPI Climate and WMO (YOPP & PPP).

·         Co-design a series of case studies with organisations and industries that rely on accurate weather and climate forecasting, to apply new modelling techniques to cutting-edge climate services.

·         Communicate new insights, results, and messages – as well as data, model improvements and storylines – to a community of stakeholders for whom understanding climate change and associated environmental trends and risks is imperative.

We aim to work with

·         Researchers and projects focussing on Arctic and northern hemisphere observational monitoring, climate modelling, forecasting, and climate services. 

·         Governments and policymakers in need of weather and climate information for evidence-based decision-making.

·         NGOs, public sector bodies, and community organisations interested in extreme weather events, climate services, forecasting, and climate change.

·         Businesses or industries who rely on seasonal to decadal climate predictions, risk estimates of extreme weather and climate events, or who would like to work with Blue-Action to co-develop climate services and tools.

Interested in being involved? 

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Conceptual illustration of the Blue-Action project

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