ADM-Aeolus: ESA's wind mission
The Earth Explorer Atmospheric Dynamics Mission (ADM-Aeolus) is named after Aeolus, who in Greek mythology was appointed "keeper of the winds" by the Gods. It will be the first-ever satellite to observe wind profiles from space on a global scale. The Aeolus satellite will carry a powerful Doppler wind lidar (in the ultraviolet spectral region at 355 nm) that has never been flown in space before. This technology will make it possible to probe the lowermost 30 km of the atmosphere to measure the winds sweeping around our planet. Wind observations acquired during EUREC4A will help evaluate and calibrate the wind retrievals from this space mission. In turn, ADM-Aeolus observations will help put the EUREC4A observations into a larger context.

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