welcome  to AeroCom / AeroSAT

the 18th Opens external link in new windowAeroCom / 7th AeroSAT meeting
will be held at BSC in Barcelona, Spain, September 23-28, 2019

the first 4 days (Sep 23-26) will focus on AeroCom
the last 2 days (Sep 27-28) will focus on AeroSAT

to register via this website under
"AeroCom and AeroSAT Workshop Registration"
(at this time the deadline has passed and late registrations
are still possible until the meeting, however with
no guarantee for a possibility to present an oral or
a poster presentation)

workshop fee is 150 Euros
(the workshop fee also covers lunch on Tue and Sat,
the workshop dinner on Thu - evening and the excursion

in order to pay the mandatory workshop fee you have to register
again with the local organizer via the Opens external link in new windowpayment/registration link
(note this link is just for the payment)

in case you have problems getting connected
to this google web-site (e.g. China) ...
... please contact GLOBAL-IACT  directly
by phone: +34 93 521 12 56  (Siam Mollins)   or
by e-mail: aerocom2019@we dont want spamglobaliact.com


AeroCom is an open international initiative of scientists interested in the advancement of the understanding of global aerosol properties and aerosol impacts on climate, weather, and air quality. A central goal is to more strongly tie and constrain modeling efforts to observational data from satellite, ground-based, and aircraft observations. A major element for exchanges between data and modeling groups are annual meetings of AeroCom together with the satellite data oriented initiative AeroSAT. In addition to the comparisons among models and between models and data, AeroCom initiates and coordinates model experiments to target particular research topics, leading to joint research papers of synthesizing character. A common database is maintained at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to facilitate joint scientific exploration. The major objectives of the 16th AeroCom meeting are to (1) update the outcome of the Phase III AeroCom model experiments, (2) formulate a new phase activities of modeling and analysis, and (3) discuss the near-term goal and directions.

AeroSAT is an international consortium of experts on aerosol remote sensing from ground, aircraft and space. This initiative was established in 2013: (1) to accelerate the exchange of ideas and concepts both within the aerosol remote-sensing community, and in conjunction with the aerosol modeling (e.g., AeroCom), and in situ aerosol-measuring efforts, and (2) to advance and coordinate the capabilities of satellite sensor aerosol retrieval products, which are needed to constrain aerosol processing and assist in evaluating global modeling. One major aspect of AeroSAT is the interaction with the aerosol modeling community as every year, AeroSAT meets in conjunction with AeroCom, and cross-pollination of ideas will be the focus of an overlap half-day joint session with AeroCom. The main goal of the AeroSAT meeting overall is to share and encourage new developments and ideas in several major areas, including aerosol-type retrievals, characterizing aerosol amount and type product uncertainties, creating long-term data records, and improving aerosol measurement-model interactions. On each of these AeroSAT topics, working groups have ongoing, dedicated efforts, and will report briefly on their activities, followed by extensive open discussion. Each session will be introduced by one or two invited seed presentations to stimulate discussion. As appropriate, posters are accommodated based on submitted abstracts, and in some cases, one or two abstracts are selected for very brief oral presentations on new approaches, also as part of the introduction to discussion.



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